The Singapore Cancer Network (SCAN) guidelines on systemic therapy represent the first effort by Singapore oncologists to develop a national consensus on cancer care. Nine specialist workgroups, involving over 70 subspecialists from both the public and private sectors, have written 15 guidelines, defining a framework for systemic treatments of nearly all common solid tumours in Singapore. The guidelines have been internationally peer-reviewed and endorsed by the Chapter of Medical Oncologists of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS) as well as the Singapore Society of Oncology (SSO).

The audience envisioned for these guidelines include professionals, patients and policymakers. For clinicians, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, oncology pharmacists and other disciplines, the SCAN guidelines serve as a framework of quality care for systemic therapy in Singapore as defined by subspecialists. For patients, a national consensus on cancer care developed within Singapore will provide both education and reassurance. Finally, for policymakers, the guidelines serve as an independent professional national reference useful for understanding a complex and challenging field of medicine.