Who should be referred for Familial Adenomatosis Polyposis (FAP)?

1. Patients with classic Familial Adenomatosis Polyposis (FAP) (defined as presence of >100 adenomas, adenomas being non-harmful tumours) should be advised to pursue genetic counselling and genetic testing, particularly if they have siblings or children who could potentially benefit from testing that can predict if they might also have the disease.

2. Patients with classic FAP who do not have genetic changes or mutations in the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene should undergo genetic testing for mutations in the MYH gene.

3. Patients with 10 100 adenomas can be considered for genetic testing for a subtype of FAP known as attenuated FAP. If negative for attenuated FAP, patients can undergo genetic testing for MYH-associated polyposis.