What are the Treatment Options for N2 Disease with Negative Margins?

Negative margins indicate that cancer cells are not found in the tissue surrounding the tumour after surgical removal of the tumour.

Performance status is an attempt to quantify cancer patients general well being. Patients who have stage 3Non-Small Cell Lung Cancerwith tumours that have been completely removed by surgery and have good performance status should be offered adjuvant platinum-based chemotherapy. A drug taken in the adjuvant setting is given together with another treatment to increase its effectiveness.

Lymph nodes are small organs that are part of the lymphatic system, a system in the body that transports a type of fluid called lymph throughout the body. N1 stage refers to spread of cancer to the lymph nodes. N2 refers to spread of cancer to the lymph nodes beyond N1 level. For selected patients with stage N2 cancer, meaning spread of cancer to lymph nodes beyond N1 level, chemotherapy given after surgery can be considered. However this is not recommended for routine use because there is little data showing that it improves survival.