Summary Recommendations

Guideline Recommendations

Which HER2 positive early breast cancer patients are candidates for adjuvant trastuzumab?

Can be considered for node negative tumours less than 1 cm especially if ER and PR negative; recommended for tumours larger than 1 cm or node positive tumours.

Should adjuvant trastuzumab be given concurrently with a taxane or sequentially after completion of adjuvant chemotherapy?

Adjuvant trastuzumab should be given concurrently.

What is the frequency of cardiac monitoring during adjuvant trastuzumab?

Frequency of cardiac monitoring should be 3-monthly

What is the optimal duration of adjuvant trastuzumab?

Until data from other studies comparing a shorter duration versus 1 year of adjuvant trastuzumab become available, the standard duration for adjuvant trastuzumab is 1 year.